“Powerlifting is really mental. When weight’s on the bar, if you don’t think you’re going to be able to lift it, you’re not going to lift it. So you need to go with the mindset that the weights already been done. It’s just you getting up and going through the motions.”


If you are new to the Powerlifter training industry, getting your PFTA Powerlifter Trainer Certification is your first step to success. In a matter of weeks, you will be experiencing an exciting and financially rewarding career helping others obtain their lifelong health & fitness goals!
PFTA Powerlifter Trainer graduates can start a Powerlifter  training business of their own from their home, train clients in the client’s own home gyms, work at community recreation centers,  fitness facilities, universities and local colleges, heath clubs, gyms.


This course provides information necessary for implementing an individualized Powerlifter program that is safe and effective to train individuals in gyms, health clubs, and other one-on-one fitness training environments. This training program will provide you with successful advanced Powerlifter training techniques to help you achieve a top rated training business!
As a PFTA Powerlifter Trainer working for yourself:

  • You keep the money you earn.
  • You receive many tax advantages.
  • You create your own work schedule.
  • Your average hourly income can range from $40-$125 per hour.
  • You make all the business decisions.
  • You can work from home, in a clients home, or at a facility.
  • For more info you can e.mail : Info@americanpfta.com